2 comments on “Premier League Preview: Week 8

  1. It is perhaps a foregone conclusion that both Chel$ki and Man $ity will be the top two teams come the end of the season. There for me are a few pointers that will perhaps determine the outcome of a few teams.

    1. Chelsea: Are well balanced, Jose did well in signing Fabregas who has a vast amount of experience in the premier league. The only thing I don’t like about the team is the fact that they are using bullying tactics on and off the field, but that’s Mo for you, win at all cost.

    2. Man City: I can see them challenging Chelsea to the bitter end, but Chelsea should see them off for the title. Mourinho’s managerial skills are far more superior than that of Pellegrini and the way he manages his players are far more better. City do have a well balanced team and if Silva and Toure can hit all cylinders they would be impossible to stop.

    I think the biggest disappointment of the season will be Liverpool. I am an Arsenal fan and we have become accustomed to bitterly disappointing results over the last few years. Liverpool on the other hand have a mountain to climb and the loss of Suarez is something that cannot be looked past. I spoke to a life long LFC fan and he said that Liverpool would be lucky to make top four this season. Rodgers has spent money trying to replace the attacking force Suarez has left behind instead of balancing out the squad.

    Arsenal, oh dear! Defensive mids were a big YES and Wenger failed in signing one, Arteta is a big concern for the team as is Flamini both are not quick enough nor strong enough to compete in the league. They are lacking at the back with defenders, selling Vermaelen was a big shocker for the Arsenal community, without either Mertesacker or Koscielny Arsenal are doomed.

    Manchester United sounds like a dream team that you can make up on a fantasy league website. But boy oh boy are they fragile, yes they have a clearer path in the league because they are not involved in the Champions league or the Europa league, but without a proper defensive unit which they do not have I can’t see United making a title push.

    4.Liverpool / United.

    Hats off to Southampton for a brilliant start

    • Brilliant comment, thanks for reading Micheal, and please spread the word? Regarding what you said about Liverpool – I couldn’t agree more. They have been a huge disappointment, but I do think they have the players, the manager & coaching staff to bring the club back in line. Balotelli seems to be a much harder worker than most gave him credit for, Lallana is starting to show his worth, Henderson is just terrific … it just remains to be seen what’s going to come of the transfer rumours surrounding Raheem Sterling. Cheers mate, and thanks for the support

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