4 comments on “The Premier League Season So Far

    • Thanks for reading Paul, but while United have a star-studded team, they have underperformed so far this season and with the tough series of fixtures up ahead, it’s either going to boost United no-end or rip their confidence apart – just see what’s happening to Liverpool as an example. Good luck nonetheless

  1. Yip pretty disappointing start to the season for Liverpool. Every fan has high expectations this year, but with a whole new team it is going to take time. Just hoping it is a transition period for the team at the moment, a lot of new players looking to gel and get that spark in final third of the pitch. I think the main reason why we are not playing so well, is because we are not playing with 2 strikers up front, like we did last season. We could do with Origi who we loaned back out to Lille playing this season, he is banging in goals and creating goals at his club at the moment, and with Sturridge’s injury record we need someone who is putting in the back of the net. Last season if Sturridge was not scoring Suarez was and on their day they were both scoring and setting up chances for one another, and unfortunately we have not got that this season. We have not got a bad run in for the next 5 games in the Premier league, so hopefully we can get a good run of games, and get our new midfield gelling nicely. Have not given up on them this season as yet, but come the 10 game mark in the season and we are still mediocre, think questions will start to be asked.

    • Absolutely! Apparently LFC are making an enquiry into bringing Origi back in the Jan transfer window … let’s see what the kid can do in the Premier League!

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