10 comments on “Mario Balotelli: Football’s Rockstar

  1. Liverpool is really crazy to buy this guy. Did they not have enough of Saurez? FYI I predit the following four teams to make up the top four in no particular order, Chelsea, Man City, Everton and Arsenal.

      • Me too, I thought Everton were going to win, but you can see the quality of Chelsea, now they have played one of the top 6 teams. Think there signings are gelling so nicely together, with both Costa and Fabregas looking great. If they tighten up on defence, think they will have a really good run in Champs league and also take the prem.

  2. Baloteli is a star, he brings real entertainment to the game in his own way and style. With him in the Reds team EPL will be really entertaining with lots of news this season.

  3. I was very quiet about this signing. But after seeing how he was playing for Milan, and then backed up by Pirlo’s comments about him, saying he is a changed player. I think we can come to the assumption that he played very well on Sunday (should of had a hatrick). And without any issues either, he worked hard, held the ball up well, and done a lot of work such as closing off options, and closing down players. I still think he will have the odd issue on and off the field but nothing to the extent as his time at City. BR is the right man to manage him. We looked like a totally different team on Sunday with 2 strikers up front and Sterling playing behind. If we play like that all season, I think top 4 is cemented again, and would like to see us get to the quarters of the champs league.

    • Great comment, and a great argument. Rodgers has managed several ‘troubled’ players – Sterling (arrested for assault) and Suarez (diving, racial abuse, biting) are good examples and he largly redressed their behavior. Balotelli will be his greatest challenge and success story. Thanks for reading Bazza

      • Thanks. And you are right BR is used to handling players with chips on their shoulders, I think him being the youth manager at Chelsea, has helped him to man manage problem players from a young age.

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