2 comments on “Premier League Season Preview: Liverpool

  1. Fair comment, but no Liverpool fan will settle for fifth now that we are playing in the CL. Unfortunately our rise has been meteoric – though belated – and from a realistic 7th -10th place,we are suddenly in the top two,a very difficult act to follow.

    Increased pressure (Champs League) means we are certainly on the brink and could soidify our position at the top of the wall, or just as easily fall to 7th or 8th.

    I see good things for several of the new lads including Ibe and Suso from the toddlers’ department, but do expect the old guard (possibly the youngest old guard in the league, though that’s off the top of my head) to step up once again as they did for the first six or seven games of last season,where Suarez wasn’t missed at all.

    Predictions? Impossible when we will have four to six new players in the side, but consolidation must be Rodgers’ watchword, or we could slide down to the levels of man u and the like…

    • Solid comment! Thanks a ton for reading, and as a Liverpool fan myself – I would NEVER be happier to be proven wrong should we gate-crash the top three party again this season.

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