One comment on “World Cup Semifinal Preview

  1. I disagree with your statement that Spain ran riot over the Netherlands and that they were left helpless in 2010. They scored in the dying minutes of extra time and the dutch missed a few chances. A few times now you dont right the facts of footbal history.

    I am a scolar of the game never good enough to play high level but know the history well. I do agree with you that this is the best chance for the Dutch to win it as they looked the best through out the tournament. Their coach has played every team differently (apart from Costa Rica where the ball just did not want to go in) and this is where the Dutch could win it due to the coach.

    Van, Gaal has won many trophies as coach and he knows how to prepare a team for the big occasion.
    Argentina looks like the team to beat. But mark Messi out of the game they could fold. The Germans are organised but are “iffy'” at the back and Brazil can open them up.

    Brazil is playing for the country now and that will keep them up. But with Neymar out and the Captain out can find it hard to beat the Jerries.

    Well my money is on the Dutch as they are consistant and deserve a world cup.

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