7 comments on “Premier League Season Preview: Chelsea

  1. Andre Schürrle only played as a striker for one or two games. Your bias against Chelsea is very apparent throughout this. So, if you want to be good at this, you need to stop being biased.

    • Apologies KFC, I had hoped the article would be more uplifting rather than reflecting any bias against Chelsea. Besides, with Chelsea’s new signings and with more on the way, I really do think The Blues could take the league once more.

      • It’s fine, it’s actually a really good article. I’m a Chelsea fan, so there’s probably some bias towards Chelsea! Sorry, I may have been picking out the faults, rather than pointing out the greatness of the article.

  2. Really a gud article… Appreciative nd being a chelsea fan adds evn more to the sparks ;)… In my opinion they should go for a back up defender maybe someone like luis can provide an instant solution but someone younger who could maybe provide to be a worthy replacement to the likes of john terry nd ashley cole… Midfied adding pogba wouls surely make chelsea vry tight in its balance between counter attacking football nd rather defensively as well specially with the power nd beast like worth ethic tht pogba adds….. Over all these were my views… Nd i totally agree with ur article… Nd chelsea do stand as contenders for the cup nxt yr

    • Thank you sir, that sounds like a great endorsement. I will be writing a few more previews on Arsenal, Liverpool, Man City and maybe Spurs & Everton time-permitting. Please continue reading and spread the word if you can? Thanks a megatonne!

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