2 comments on “Pressure? What Pressure?

  1. So, the “Mickey Mousers” have one hand on the trophy with only a couple of games left to play. Strong nerves and cool heads are needed here boys. The old joke – “What is the only ship that doesn’t dock in Liverpool? – The Premiership, may soon have to be put to rest. Steven Gerrard whether you love or hate him has been a great servant to both club and country and I believe a Premiership medal would certainly be deserved and the icing on the cake.
    What gives me the screaming sh**ts as far as the bin dippers are concerned is the actions of 2 main culprits, namely Louis “The cannibal” Suarez and Martin “rugby tackle” Skrtel. Suarez is probably one of the most talented players in the BPL today, showing incredible skills, dazzling displays, goals from every angle and a work rate 2nd to none. So why oh why does he resort to cheating with his blatant dives? For me, the madness still exists and continually blots what would be an otherwise perfect copybook.
    When we consider Martin Skrtel, I would suggest he would be better suited to joining his local rugby or wrestling team. His sleeve of tattoos make it look like he’s been slapped with a wet newspaper and his antics in the goalmouth when defending corners or free kicks are so blatant that he deserves to be hit with a wet anvil.
    All that aside, if Liverpool do take it this year, it will be hard fought, and I hate to say it well deserved. Crack on lads but beware of the late banana skins….
    Lastly, I cannot sign off without a last word on my favourite football genius – David Moyes.
    So, our intrepid hero sets his stall out claiming that “Even Fergie would struggle with this team” and various other remarks about the team needing replacing, ageing players etc, hence his poor results. THEN, the team turns in some pretty good high scoring performances. So, unfortunately you can’t have it both ways. Either your team is rubbish or it’s not, so if you claim that you can’t do anything with this current team, but they turn in a great performance then surely that’s despite you and not because of you? Fergie told the press he’d left Moyes with a strong squad, having a mixture of youth and experience and having just won the league. Moyes proceeded to undermine and decimate the teams structure and performance beyond recognition achieving many unwanted records to boot.
    The sooner Moyes goes the better.
    Love Utd hate Moyes

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