4 comments on “The TITLE-TILT TWIST

  1. This comment was posted on the previous article “The show stopper” comment board but I thought it was worth adding to this one. For those who have read it, apologies.

    Well the dust has settled and the backroom staff at Old Trafford have managed to collect all the empty champagne bottles and corks from the visitors dressing room after what can best be described as another Man Utd failure following Liverpool’s 0-3 beating of the Premier League Champions.
    How foreign that sounds now? Premier league Champions. Our performance was one best forgotten and worthy of a Conference League or Sunday Pub side, ill tempered and lacking any of the finesse or skills one would associate with current holders of the cup.
    David Moyes’s pre-match interview was another own goal, telling the press how Liverpool were in great form and that his side would “try their best”. Even Brendan Rogers commented that his comments were defeatist and negative.
    Manchester United are a team that has had it’s heart and soul not just removed but ripped out as we continue to turn in mediocre mid table performances under mid table Moyes. The unfurling of the classic banner by Liverpool supporters showing a typical Moyes moronic stare under the title of “David Moyes football genius” was sarcastically brilliant! Unfortunately for United the chosen Emperor has been exposed and is definitely without his new clothes.
    I would imagine even SAF is now starting to regret his decision and with the current and envisaged losses in revenue the Board surely has to stop the rot soon and remove this virus to prevent further damage. As I have stated from the word go, and I now hear many others joining the chorus, Moyes never was a Man Utd manager, never could be and hopefully soon will be no more. His sacking and removal of the backroom staff, despite protests from Fergie not to do so, was madness that King George would have been proud of. These were the coaching staff that had consistently worked alongside the master to put trophy after trophy in United’s cabinet. Rather than keep these high achievers, why not replace them with staff who hadn’t won so much as a Bingo game at the local social club.
    Give him time… I’d like to give him a rope or swimming pool hose to attach to his car exhaust, but I fear he’d bugger that up as well.
    I know the Ferguson era had to come to and end eventually, but at the hands of this “football genius” is too much to bear. I would urge the Board to cut their losses, bring Fergie in as an interim manager to stabilize the ship till the end of the season, appoint a big name manager or at least someone who’s up for the job, give them a war chest to bring in some decent players in the summer and get us back to where we belong – WINNING.
    Love Utd Hate Moyes, Love Utd Hate Glazers.

    • Dear Mr. Wolf, thanks for the continued readership, and I shudder at the thought of Moyes ever getting hold of your comments …

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